I had to make my page difficult to navigate because i am scared of strangers LOL. I hope you are a friend if you've made it this far, please sign my guestbook here!
I'm unapologetically really bad with desigining sites but i have fun HAHA, but anyways hello. My Name Lucky. My name is lucky because I am an extremely strong believer in luck and fate, and every day I thank god that i have been blessed with a relatively merciful life. I don't like to wallow in misery and I don't like interacting with people who do, apologies to all the Emos i've met in my life.

ABOUT ME: I'm a lover of lovers and hater of haters605224n7suhdjsno.gifI draw anything that has a soul. If I had to describe myself I would call myself a medium, not an artist. A clairvoyant nonhuman dream medium dollmaker whose job is to understand and to storytell. I also love to have fun and be myself and elements of harmony shit magic laughter honesty generosity loyalty kidnness are what i stand by. I was born to be a storyteller, and I do so though any format i can figure out how to use:
Drawing, Writing, Sculpting, Dollmaking, Dreaming, Music making, Fingerpainting,Animating, sewing, website making, are just a few of the things I can do and dedicate my life to doing.
I work in fantasy and imagination. I rarely use my skills to do fan art or to create for other people because that's just now what they're for, but I love to bond with people through trading, listening, and art gifts ^_^